W5H offer two types of staffing solutions to address your needs:

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • Permanent Staffing
  • W5H is a boutique provider of permanent recruiting services intended to function for a long, indefinite period of time. We provide a comprehensive employee search of IT professionals ranging in skill-set and position level.

    We work with our clients to fully address the resource need, the project profile, the client's business operation and technical skills required to discover the comprehensive scope of the position requirements. Our goal is to find the best candidate for your needs and to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients. Utilizing professionals fromW5H Group, you have access to resources who already have the industry knowledge and experience with your people, process and technology; with this in mind you can move aggressively to meet project targets within your defined timeframe.

    Finding the best candidate for your organization is a highly refined and multi-dimensional process. W5H utilizes an in-house hiring methodology that matches the ideal professional to meet the need of your organization (refer to our Hiring Process). We begin by conducting an in-depth analysis of your corporate culture, carefully assessing the subtle shades of your particular business needs. This provides us with the ability to match hard skills in a way that will drive your long-term business success and maximize overall output.

  • Contract Staffing
  • Whether you are looking for technical specialty or seasonal expertise to meet your enterprise and project needs, W5H's Contract Staffing can supplement your internal resources with the knowledge of our consultants. You will achieve cost savings, variable resource allocation and immediate results. By fulfilling Hhuman capital demands temporarily, you can keep the IT infrastructure expenses within the allocated budget. Our recruiting team is able to present ideal candidates within 48 hours for most human resource demands, whether you need a single consultant or larger team of external consultants.

    Our experienced team of recruiters understandknows the formula to how to arrive at to the an equilibrium point between the talent demanded by your organization and talent expertise provided by from your pool of professionals to help you better achieve your immediate goals.

    W5H is the only firm within the our industry that has instilled a continuous development process within our seasonal professional service offering. We monitor our resources' progress during their tenor with your organization, which provides us the ability to ensure that the staff fits comfortably into your business surrounding and provide opportunity for value-adds.

  • Our Hiring Process
  • >   We understand your needs
    >   Aligning candidates with the right skill-sets from our talent pool
    >   Conducting interviews
    >   Assessing talent and ensuring a pure needs match
    >   Performing background and reference checks
    >   Transition to the client
    >   Continuous Improvement - A W5H Group's Industry first for contract and permanent staffing

  • Continuous Development
  • The most important asset to an organization is its talent. W5H Group prides itself on being the only firm in the industry that offers a Continuous Development program to its staff. It encourages our resources and our clients to pursue development, achieve goals, promote optimized efficiency, and brand a sense of loyalty to both our client's organization and W5H.

    The W5H continuous development process ensures growth of talent, knowledge, roles and promotes self-evaluations, while keeping end-goals in mind.

    Our consultants benefit from having the opportunity to build challenging goals and objective by receiving constructive feedback from our Senior Coaching team, as well as our clients. This allows our consultants to always stay ahead by having a shorter development curve.

    Why we came with this approach?

    Our experience has shown us that the Resource Management industry has being lacking in their commitment of managing and developing talent. Our Continuous Improvement model addresses these insufficient organizational pre-conditions, which prohibit a continuous growth of talent by investing time to develop our staff.

    Our Continuous Development process is as follows:

    Step 1: Baseline - Where are you currently in your professional career and what are your expectations?
    Step 2: Clients\Coach Input - What are the suggested areas of improvement?
    Step 3: Goals and Objectives - Where do you want to be?
    Step 4: Improvement Plan - How can W5H and you work together to achieve your goals and objectives?
    Step 5: Monitor & Measure - Periodically monitor progress by measuring improvement and highlighting accomplishments (i.e., personal and/or project accomplishments).
    Step 6: On-going Coaching and Development - On-going coaching and development from our Senior Coaching team, creating synergy between the consultant, client and W5H.
A Closer Look

Our History:

  • 2005: W5H Group Resourcing Services was launched serving the Canadian market.
  • 2006: W5H Training, a subsidiary of W5H Group was launched providing professional IT training services to the Canadian market
  • 2007: W5H Group successfully services 15 fortune 500 customers providing staffing services.
  • 2007: W5H Group expands its service offering portfolio to include Web Development services.
  • 2008: W5H Group expands its Resourcing Service to US, India, and UAE.
  • 2009: W5H Training expands its offering to New York, New Jersey, and Dallas.
  • 2010: W5H Group opens a 2nd location servicing the Toronto East region.

Experienced Team

W5H Group prides itself on providing quality service. This can directly be contributed to our dedicated team made up of individuals who have a minimum of 5+ years of IT experience. This enables our staff to speak the same language as our clients and effectively translate their requirements into deliverables.

We encourage you to EXPERIENCE THE PERFECT FIT by letting W5H Group service your organization.

Want to speak with a W5H Business Development Manager?

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